Kasper Team Page

Expanding the functionality of Kasper Development Website


Project Overview

Company Description:

Kasper Development is a real estate investment company. It is one of the pioneers in real estate development and one of the biggest companies in Romania. 

Since 2005  the company has delivered more than 3000 apartments, in 4 residential projects.

Problem Description:

The company was lacking a display of what the team is, having a real description about which are the people that work in this company and which are their values, motivations and competences.

Project Objectives:

– generate a page that is going to show the “human” side of the business

Рpresent real people that are working on the company 

incorporate the page following the already existing branding and identity of the business 


Summer 2020


User experience Designer ( Research, Visual Design, Interaction Design & UI )


Adobe XD


Adobe Photoshop