Hello, my name is Sabina!

Get to know me better and find out who am I. 


my name is Sabina!

Get to know me better and find out who am I. 

Creative personality driven by curiosity and excellence


Motivated by continuously developing as a professional and person


Thriving in dynamic fast paced environments


I’m a UX/Product Designer and Developer with background in Web Developer, Multimedia & Communication Design and Fine Arts. 

My professional experience taught me how to put into practice theories and methodologies in order to generate highly usable, useful and efficient design artifacts.  Their main scope is to generate a user-centred approach, with a goal-directed mindset – both from user and business perspective. 


But more than that…I am a curious person looking for personal growth and experiences, laughing and having fun. Being around people is where I shine through the most.  

Passions and hobbies? Ufh…there’s room for a long talk. But from all of them, I’d say sports, creative projects and most recently reading. For this year my leasure goals are to start being a bit more active and read as many classic novels as possible – from which by now I think The Great Gatsby wins easily. 

Being a highly ambitious and motivated person I am always looking for opportunities to grow. No matter what. Development and advancement motivates me, in all things that define me and my lifestyle both professionally or personally. 

Since being a little kid and being very active, my motivation always came before training knowing that that day in particular I can be better, do better and feel better even though the progress was long and slow. 

I am always alternating between the big and small time goal and I  consider every progress good for getting closer to the target.