Hello, my name is Sabina!

Get to know me better and find out who am I. 

Who am I?

I’m a UX/Product Designer and Developer with background in Web Developer, Multimedia & Communication Design and Fine Arts. 

My professional experience taught me how to put into practice theories and methodologies in order to generate highly usable, useful and efficient design artifacts.  Their main scope is to generate a user-centred approach, with a goal-directed mindset – both from user and business perspective. 

If i had to describe myself using my core strengths, I’d say I’m a creative and curious person, with a high appreciation of beauty and excellence, whilst having a genuine love of learning. 

Creativity has always been a high competence I possess and practiced plenty of times through my creative studies, and curiosity has worked as a trigger towards my creative outlet. By being in such an environment, in time I have developed strong appreciation of beauty, of the emotional and psychological influence it has towards an individual. This has spiked my love of learning and need of being in constant progression, becoming a better individual and professional.  

Excellence comes with devotement, passion and constant progression, therefore it always stands as an evaluation criteria upon myself. 

Through my work experience so far, I have focused on developing both professional and personal/interpersonal skills/competences and finding a good balance in which to maximise both as much as possible. 

My Bachelor’d thesis was based on developing a product in the field of User Experience and Interaction Design, with a focus on Usability within the e-commerce industry in collaboration with HiFi Klubben and Argon Audio. 

  • Listening to music;
  • Reading books;
  • Arts: painting, ceramics, graphics;  
  • Psychology and personal development;
  • Board games; 
  • Cooking and talking about food

My hobbies?